Sunday, September 21, 2014

Masking Tape Technique

Hello there readers! Today is going to be a quick blog to showcase my first attempt at the masking tape technique. First, what the heck is the masking tape technique?!?!? Well it is actually really easy! Basically, you take masking tape, dip the sticky side directly into your ink pad, stick it to your paper, pull it up, and that's it!!! BUT, I recommend using painter's tape, instead of masking tape, because it will pull up easier, and therefore not damage your design. Washi tape would also work, but as I am obsessed with washi tape, I can't being myself to "waste" mine.

Now, here is what I created:

I combined this technique with the Scrapping Buckeye Babes monthly color challenge: Topiary, Pacifica, Honey, and Cranberry. And, I sort of made this a fun back to school card, or a card that can be given to someone studying, celebrating good grades, or anything along those lines.

Ingredients: Pacifica Cardstock (X5759), Pacifica Ink (Z2192), Honey Ink (Z2162), Cranberry Ink (Z2116), Topiary Ink (Z2155), Geek Is Chic (D1599)

Happy Scrapping, My Artsy Friends!


  1. What a wonderful card!!! And thank you for sharing the "recipe".